bet you've heard this one before

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      So I'm making the move. Hold'em to Omaha. I was pretty much a break even/slight winner at holdem (not even at decent limits) and I put this down to 'learning' the game when i was younger and got into WAY too many bad habits that i just couldn't break

      But with Omaha, i simply do not know the game - AT ALL. It would be a completely new learning experience and one i think I have the maturity to sit down and learn properly before bad habits take hold.

      Any one else with this mentality, do you think it could work?

      Also, I don't have any sort of PLO HUD and wont buy one until can. I cant imagine this harming me too much, unless more experienced players think that its absolutely required. It would be harder to analyse my game but I'll be playing such a basic strategy that I cant se it mattering too much

      Hope to hear from you all

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