Questions about deposit bonus.

    • wickdclown
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      I have a couple questions about deposit bonus on Titan. First of i know that ill probably ask something stupid, but im really new to poker, but so far im doing pretty well imo:) After i got initial 50$ bonus i played a lot, read a lot and watched a lot videos. Now i have 320$ (winnings plus summertime rakeback). Now a few questions:

      1.) Will I be getting additional 100$ bonus after August, or did it become void because of summertime rakeback?

      2.) I have nice enough bankroll, but i am thinking about depositing large sum just to fully use first deposit bonus. Lets say I'll deposit 600$. will i be able to withdraw all of that + part of what I have already won, and still get full first deposit bonus?

      3.) "200% up to $600 for first deposit!". That means I deposit 600$ and get +1200$ bonus (after i reached necessary rake)? Or does it mean I can get max 600$ as a bonus?

      Thanks for answers in advance!
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi wickdclown,
      I'm not that familiar with the sumer time promo but I think you still got your 100$ bonus while the summer time promo was running.

      If you got your 50$ from pokerstrategy on titan and registered with the PS150 bonuscode you won't be able to get a first deposit bonus. But you can still use one of the reload bonuses titan is regularly offering.
      If you have further questions you can take a look in the Titan Poker FAQ.

      200% up to 600$ means that the maximum amount of bonus you can get is 600$ so even if you deposit 2000$ you will still only get 600$ bonus.

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