[NL2-NL10] NL10 SH Speed KT Stealing

    • Alleen86
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      IPoker, $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em Cash, 4 Players
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      SB: $6.83 (68.3 bb)
      BB: $11.66 (116.6 bb)
      Hero (CO): $16.56 (165.6 bb)
      BTN: $2.40 (24 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is CO with K T
      Hero raises to $0.30, 2 folds, BB calls $0.20

      Flop: ($0.65) 4 J 3 (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $0.40, BB calls $0.40

      Turn: ($1.45) K (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $0.90, BB calls $0.90

      River: ($3.25) 9 (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $1.70, BB raises to $3.40, Hero calls $1.70


      I bluff cbet the good flop and continued on the turn when I hit. On the river I went for thin value against middle pairs, which he called the flop and turn with. When he minraised, I supose that have to fold..

      MP: 73/18/0,5/22 (VPIP/PFR/AF/H)
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    • GreenPiece
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      To me I made the rule that if we make 3 barrels and get the action it's never a bluff, especially from passive ones, at these limits. I'd fold this one though raise is small without further info.
    • Kaitz20
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      I agree that most of the times river c/r is not bluff, but I would make exception on 73/18 player. He can always try to make some cheap bluff or c/r for value Kx himself

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