So I just realized i have never actually shared this story. I dont know if you guys will find it funny not being there, but i can tell you for everyone but me it was hilarious.

Raised pot pre to £12 in a £1/£2 game. Total drunk maniac leads for £50 on a JJK flop.. then exposes his hand which is 33, action's now on me I have AK and click it back.. the guy calls and can't take aggressive action as ruled by the floor. Turn is a brick.. I decide to try and get value, this guy as absolutely hammered, I bet another £100 and the guy calls again. River 3! Whole table goes nuts and for the extra rub down the guy gets out of his seat and starts rubbing his hands all over my face, he then goes to the end of the poker balcony and does the gangam style dance across the floor a couple of time.

Always nice knowing your winning until the 2 outer haha. watching a drunk guy try to gangam style made it worth it.