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stat ranges

    • Lucker9200
      Joined: 18.06.2010 Posts: 271

      Ive been working on my hud lately and I really want to implement some colors to it so I can quickly spot the exploitable/out of line ones - the way im splitting some stats is too little- normal - too much with each having a different color but there are some stats I want to hear some opinions about :
      What do you think is too little-normal-too much for these stats:
      Tot 3bet
      Flop cbet
      Turn cbet
      Flop x/r
      Turn x/r
      Tot fold to 3bet
      Tot 4bet range
      Flop fold vs cbet
      Turn fold vs cbet
      p.s I am aware that lots of these stats are heavily dependent on previous stats on other streets and such but think of them if they were just isolated stats
      p.s I do have ideas about these stats and I can share my opinion aswell but I want to see what you guys are thinking without biassing first
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    • PokerTracker
      Joined: 07.06.2011 Posts: 694
      If you are a PokerTracker 4 user, this functionality is already built in at no additional cost, we call it LeakTracker. After you run LeakTracker you can review the results for each stat to see the average winning player's range, we also include videos so you can learn more about the stat and review the actual ranges for NL games for short handes, full ring, and heads up games for low stakes and also high stakes. The LeakTracker system works for No Limit and Fixed Limit holdem games as well as Omaha games.

    • ProfitsofDoom
      Joined: 29.08.2012 Posts: 177
      I mainly play on Bovada now, so can't use my HUD. But when i can use it, i sometimes use the Leakbuster 6 max HUD. it has a color coded HUD that comes with LB. It comes with a PDF that explains the color coding, and how to apply it at the tables. It is one of the better HUD's i have tried. It has most of what you listed there, but doesn't have the check raise stuff.

      I used to use PT and when they came out with PT4 i tried the Leak Tracker stuff. It was the first time i had seen any kind of analysis program. I thought it was pretty cool, but then ended up finding Leakbuster for PT, and found it to be a lot more detailed which is what i really needed. But LB isn't free where Leaktracker does come with PT4. So i guess it depends on what you need.