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*Building A Solid Foundation* Life/Business/Poker Diary

    • Verre
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 708
      Warning: May sound like I am a spoiled brat, or ungrateful, or have a higher than deserved self worth.
      Warning 2: TL: DR
      Warning 3: There isn't a whole lot of poker in this post.

      My name is Curtis. I live in Canada, one of the nicest places on earth. I have a wonderful family. I have a wife who I love. I have a daughter who is quite possibly the best thing on this earth. I own a house that rises in value every month. I have a top 10 paying labor job in the world. I am unfullfilled.

      I have been pursuing the reason behind this for some time. Lets be clear, I am fully satisfied with everything about my life EXCEPT my income/career/time management. My family/faith/friends/happiness are all not in question. All of those things are cemented in goodness. But I have always felt I am ment to create a legacy. Every minute I'm spending time away Fromm friends/family feels wasted if I am not earning money or building towards making money.

      The problem is, I spend MOST of my spare time doing things that do not produce anything tangible. I have great intentions for them only to be pissed away with inactivity. Is it a fear of failure? Maybe. But I would rather fail and know I actually put out an effort. Realistically though and I realize this just now as I write these words (wow diaries are actually useful) that I am afraid of letting people down. I am afraid I will start something and have people I care about it start relying on me only for my inaction to come back and ruin more than just what I have put in.

      So why do I think I am capable of great things then? It seems I have given myself plenty of examples of how I suck.

      Well for starters I have a inherent leadership ability when I believe in something. I have the ability to "rally the troops" as it were. I've always been told I was born in the wrong era. I should have been born in time to be in one of the great wars. I have a passion for justice and equality and hate when hardship is forced on the less fortunate. And I'm a fighter, and believe in swift justified retaliation and punishment. In fact I probunly would have joined the marines when I was younger if I felt there was a justified reason to fight. But with the times we live in armies are fighting ghosts for shady reasons I do not believe in.

      Another reason I have believed I was destined for something different is that I have always been a bright thinker. I excelled in math and deductive thinking, being invited to enroll in honors classes (and even went to some competitions). I value these skills in myself and other human beings. I love people with what is called "common sense" but is actually far from commen deductive reason decision making. I think this is a major key to any successful business owner.

      The third reason was that after a car accident (to be talked about later) I was given a test. This test was to judge you mental capabilities. I was sent downtown to an independent testing center to test my aptitude and IQ. I tested in the exceptional range for everything but writing/word comprehension (go figure, now I'm writing a blog). I was told I could to anything from being a doctor to an architect. Basically anything I wanted.

      This is all well and good. But it makes it hurt even more to know that to this point I have succeeded in exactly nothing business wise. For a while I just thought that pursing a better job would fulfill me. I kept moving up the job chain. But now that I am at the top, I feel even more restricted than before. There is nowhere to go as an employee but down from where I am. It's not a good feeling. And to have to work another 29 years just to retire with 80k a year pension seems like a jail sentence.

      Where did it all go wrong for me then? Well the answer is twofold. The first misstep was at the end of highschool. I had no idea what I wanted to pursue with my life. I knew I hated working for someone but the school system provided me no avenues to avoid becoming an employee. In fact I believe the school system is built around putting people into tax creating "jobs". So I was getting no help from anyone. My parents where both employees, my friends parents where all employees. I had no guide to show me the way in business. This continues to be a problem to this day.

      The second problem was the car accident I previously mentioned. I'm not saying I was heading in the right direction before the car accident, but it certainly didn't help. I went from being an active, very healthy and in shape person to a stagnant out of shape person in the matter of 2 years. This is mostly due to not being able to work or exercise for the 2 years. As I look back this time really hurt my planning and dreaming. I basically became a couch vegetable playing mindless hours of video games. In hindsight I should have been looking for ways to create passive income but instead I would rather forget all my troubles and just dig into a video game. This was the beginning of me starting to push things off to a later date, a key issue I have not been able to break.

      At this point I can hear you saying "what does this have to do with poker?" The answer to that is that I see poker as a way I can supplement my income for short periods of time and therefore open capital for business startup costs. I have a few business ideas already, all of which have the potential for longterm passive income. I don't think starting a business that requires my full attention after everything is set up and running to be right for me. I want to have freedom to build other business or go vacation or take a day off whenever I want.

      So what are my poker goals? The end goal is to average $100 a day pre rakeback. This will not be everyday thing as I am not quitting my job unless I got a few hundred thousand dollars worth of passive income a year.

      I plan on doing this by building up my "career life" from the foundation up. This includes poker, and learning about it. I'm looking for some basic strategies and some help building my game. I'm planning on just playing NL 6 max. Any advice here would be appreciated.

      As for the business end of this. I've already started reading some books. I have an idea of what I have to do to register a business in Canada. I've been learning about writing a business plan to lure potential investors. Any advice about business in general would be greatly appreciated.

      If anyone is interested in bouncing ideas or what not I am more than willing. I work a lot of hours and have an odd schedule but I need to stop making excuses.

      If you have made it this far, bravo. I will make an update soon about what I have done. Also I will be making a big post basically outlining what I know I have to do to get on the right path in 3 key areas, health, business, and poker.
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    • Verre
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 708
      Finally time for an update.

      I felt like it was pointless for me to post anything unless I actually make progress. So here I am, with a progress report. I'll start with the lack of process.

      Poker wise I have basically done nothing. I have watched some videos on hu and some videos on cap and the profitability of it. I've played about 300 hands of hu cap and am up about 5bi and am 5bi under ev.

      Business wise I have read one book and been completely inept at taking the first step forward. It's like I'm mentally paralyzed. I need to take the same approach to this and poker as I have to the next subject.

      Fitness. I've been completely kicking butt in this category. It became very clear that I needed to make a plan. So I went about doing just that. I calculated my required daily caloric intake. Then I started picking out items that would fit nicely into that. It's amazing how good you can eat if you are careful about what you are eating. I have not ate anything I don't like, in fact I'm enjoying my meals more now than I have in the last year. I'm BBQing a lot and just really enjoying myself.

      Hand in hand is exercising. I made a 5 day a week 2 hour a day plan. 3 days consist of 15 exercises based on muscle building and toning. The other 2 days are based on an hour of cardio and 10 core exercises. I went from not working out at all to being hardcore about it and even though there are days when I'm so sore I feel like I can't do anymore I just keep on going and it's paying off. I feel good about myself and I have more energy. I'm also sleeping great at night.

      The last part of my life is family and friends. It's going just as good as ever! I love my life completely in these areas. Work itself sucks as usual but I don't live to work and I need to keep that in mind at all times.

      Anyways I'm glad I finally got an update in here. I hope to at least one of the first two items getting sorted out by next time I post.
    • seranpoker
      Joined: 08.07.2010 Posts: 276
      Good luck Sir!. Thats a lot of Focus you got there.
    • Verre
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 708
      A very long delayed update.

      Health wise I am crushing. I've lost 10 pounds and have just currently tweaked my gym time to a routine that will help me loose weight at a much accelerated rate. Previously I was trying to lose fat and build muscle but in reality the type of workout that is required for each are completely different.

      My goal now is to lose another 15-20 pounds. If I do that I will be 185-190 pounds with less than 10% body fat. At that point is when I will focus on heavy muscle building. The goal is to get back to 205 pounds while keeping less than 10% body fat. Currently I'm 206 with 26% body fat.

      Poker wise it has been stuck in the mud. I currently have a little upswing but it is nothing to write home about. I've dedicated myself to heads up cap. My bankroll is ill suited for the lowest stakes but I have found an edge against most regs. Regs adaptive ability seems to be terrible, especially to 3 bets. Instead of 4 betting they tend to just flat and then shove/fold. Once they start calling I just tighten up my 3b range so I can profitably get it in on almost any board.

      Work wise is a horrible situation. It's akin to working in a German work camp in ww2 (without the death but with the horrible treatment). I am currently working on putting together a good résumé for a government job.

      I have 2 great business ideas that could generate massive amounts of profit. One idea has little to no competition and already a customer base in need of the product. The other is a service that no one really needs, but like most Internet services (google, yahoo, ect.) if it becomes a useful tool it can make money.