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Is this normal short stack stats?

    • ev4n7
      Joined: 18.08.2008 Posts: 1
      I followed the short stack hand chart to the T. I ended up about even, playing a step lower than my BR calls. This is because I am a MTT and SnG specialist looking to get into cash games. Anyways... the stats:

      During current Hold'em session you were dealt 402 hands and saw flop:
      - 26 out of 47 times while in big blind (55%)
      - 3 out of 47 times while in small blind (6%)
      - 6 out of 308 times in other positions (1%)
      - a total of 35 out of 402 (8%)
      Pots won at showdown - 6 of 9 (66%)
      Pots won without showdown - 16

      Is this a normal distribution? Also, I think I remember reading that in NL10 when your stack is at $2.50 you leave the table? However, I cannot find where I may have read that.

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    • hepcat
      Joined: 21.03.2008 Posts: 5,361
      You have read that in the basic area

      Maybe reread the basic articles again.

      The stats I don't really know but looks kind of nice I think and it seems like you didn't sit on very agressive tables then you could see a flop 55%.
    • Termi8r
      Joined: 04.02.2008 Posts: 408
      Hi ev4n7,

      I think that if you play according to the SSS SHC you will see the flop on average between 6-9%. You will raise everytime preflop, except if you get a free play in the big blind. So your stats looks fine for the 400 or so hands you played. The sample size is very small so breaking even means nothing over 400 hands. A resonable sample size would be in the order of 15 000 hands.

      I have experienced swings of +/- 5 buy-ins over a session of 1000 hands, but a positive win rate over 45k recorded hands. Just keep to the SHC and the post flop play of SSS and will make a profit.

      Yeah you have to leave the table when you have 25bb, smart people have done the math and they say that its not profitable to continue with the SSS strategy when you have more than 25bb.

      Good luck
      Fellow SSS player
    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      nothing I could add.
      Thank you guys =)

      Best regards,