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[NL20-NL50] NL25 passive/aggro line

    • KillerFishes
      Joined: 11.07.2010 Posts: 2,313
      ***** Hand 3026861530 *****
      0.12/0.25 Texas Hold'em (No Limit )
      Hand started: 17. května 2013 20:39:08
      Table 50BB TH 446 (Real /Cash Game )
      Seat 1: ira8 (25.06)
      Seat 2: Diffident9 (36.48)
      Seat 3: cicIope (25.00)
      Seat 4: Griff49 (13.35)
      Seat 5: dfksjdfdz (18.06)
      Seat 6: Hero (24.63)
      Hero is Dealer
      ira8 post SB 0.12
      Diffident9 post BB 0.25
      ** Deal **
      ira8 [N/A, N/A]
      Diffident9 [N/A, N/A]
      cicIope [N/A, N/A]
      Griff49 [N/A, N/A]
      dfksjdfdz [N/A, N/A]
      Hero [Ac, Qc]
      *** Bet Round 1 ***
      cicIope Fold
      Griff49 Call 0.25
      dfksjdfdz Fold
      Hero Raise to 1.00
      ira8 Fold
      Diffident9 Fold
      Griff49 Call 1.00
      *** Flop(Board): *** : [Qs, 10d, 6c]
      *** Bet Round 2 ***
      Griff49 Bet 1.00
      Hero Call 1.00
      *** Turn(Board): *** : [Qs, 10d, 6c, 8h]
      *** Bet Round 3 ***
      Griff49 Bet 0.75
      Hero Raise to 3.25
      Griff49 Call 3.25
      *** River(Board): *** : [Qs, 10d, 6c, 8h, 4s]
      *** Bet Round 4 ***
      Griff49 All-in 8.10
      Hero Call 8.10
      *** Showdown *** : Rake: 1.35 Total Pot: 25.72

      Hey pals,

      this is quite interesting hand.

      Opp is an aggro fish. He donks very wide (any pair/draw/air) not sure about his value/bluff ratio here, but I figured out that with his stacksize I will have no problem in getting the money in vs his stackoff range and rather went for call and let him barrel.

      The turn he sizes just really low => his range is weakish a lot here and I am going for lowish sizing too so he has some space for river play and calls here even gutshot or something..

      The river is then easy play.

      My question is the flop, I think it's really good vs an aggrish player to cap range because then my raise OTT can be like so much air/semibluffs that he is very likely to shove river with this leverage w like all misseddraws ..

      Is this reasoning good enough? or would you just go for raise flop and play it easy way?

      thx thx
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