SHC for NL 100-200, Full ring

    • wazaari
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      Hello guys!
      I would like to know what SHC would you use more or less in NL 100 and NL200 FR.

      Actually i am using something like that:

      UTG: 22+, AJo+,ATs+,KQ [10%]
      MP: 22+,ATo+,A8s+,98s+,KJ+ [15%]
      CO:22+,A8o+,A2s+,45s+,KTs+,QT+,JT [25%]
      BU: 22+,Ax,suited connectors, gap connectors, garbage ecc
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    • TribunCaesar
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      Hey wazaari,

      I don't like getting that loose. Raising small pockets UTG is imo not necessary. The same applies for AT or KQ. Getting looser in later positions is good though. I suggest to post your sample hands in the hand evaluation forum to get comments from the hand judges.

      Best regards,
    • cannell555
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      UTG, and even MP, looks too loose for my liking.
    • finchybg
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      Here are my personal preferences.
      My stats on NL100 are 12.05/8.38 with AF of 2.1

      EP: from UTG I open raise any pocket pair + AK
      I fold all the other broadways, but from UTG +1,+2 most times I include AQs and AQ(just sometimes)
      MP1: if first in, I raise, AJs+, any pocket pair, KQs. Most of the times I actually fold KQo and AJo(I hate these hands).
      MP2: add AJo, KQo and KJs to the raising range
      MP3: this is where I loosen up quite a lot(same rule applies - IF FIRST IN) and start raising some ace rags and the suited aces, sometimes even suited one gappers and suited connectors + KJo, K10o and such
      CO and BU: if first in I raise at least 50% of the hands from late position - I mix it up, sometimes I raise 3 BB, sometimes I raise the normal amount. This way they can't guess whether I am stealing or not.

      and rule number one: don't limp first in
      I consider this very important. The hands mentioned above all aplly if it is folded to me.

      I don't overplay KQo and KJo - these are not very strong hands in full ring and I personally prefer to fold them in EP and in MP1 most times.

      It is a matter of discussion whether raising any pocket pair from UTG, UTG+1 is a fine move but I've become used to it and it is harder for people to read me.

      I feel better when I have the initiative, and I almost always want to be the pre-flop raiser. I cold call/limp just pocket pairs and suited connectors and some suited aces or kings in late position(if it is folded to me of course I raise) IF I believe I get the right implied odds.