[NL20-NL50] NL25 - 3bp

    • KillerFishes
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      ***** Hand 3026914281 *****
      0.12/0.25 Texas Hold'em (No Limit )
      Hand started: 17. května 2013 23:26:26
      Table 50BB TH 293 (Real /Cash Game )
      Seat 1: tinke007 (21.70)
      Seat 2: bunnyears1 (18.68)
      Seat 3: xDONKEYx (66.15)
      Seat 4: Hero (25.57)
      Seat 5: Diffident9 (28.20)
      Seat 6: cicIope (27.09)
      Hero is Dealer
      Diffident9 post SB 0.12
      cicIope post BB 0.25
      ** Deal **
      tinke007 [N/A, N/A]
      bunnyears1 [N/A, N/A]
      xDONKEYx [N/A, N/A]
      Hero [Kh, Ad]
      Diffident9 [N/A, N/A]
      cicIope [N/A, N/A]
      *** Bet Round 1 ***
      tinke007 Call 0.25
      bunnyears1 Fold
      xDONKEYx Fold
      Hero Raise to 1.12
      Diffident9 Raise to 3.50
      cicIope Fold
      tinke007 Fold
      Hero Call 3.50
      *** Flop(Board): *** : [3d, 6h, 6c]
      *** Bet Round 2 ***
      Diffident9 Check
      Hero Check
      *** Turn(Board): *** : [3d, 6h, 6c, 4c]
      *** Bet Round 3 ***
      Diffident9 Check
      Hero Bet 3.50
      Diffident9 All-in 24.70
      Hero Fold
      *** Showdown *** : Rake: 0.70 Total Pot: 13.80

      Hey pals,

      this is really interesting hehe ..

      My OPP:
      "NL25,17.5: fast plays TPKK vs a fish (quite passive one w 5bb pre open) on Fdboard
      3barrel 99344 COvsSB, 3/4 river bet (BLUFF/VALUE?!)"

      I have seriously no idea what to do. I believe that he will bluff mostly on the flop? And if he'd think that I have something like Ax here he can easily get me out of the hand with minraise?

      It just felt so much like any pair that wants a herocall from A high or worse pair?

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    • mbml
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      I think AK should be a 4bet by default in late positions. As played u are either crushing his unpaired hands or behind his pairs. I think betting serves no purpose at all. You cant gain value from worse and bluff out better (he nv folds a pair). I would check turn again and maybe call some low rivers.