Skrill verification process (7 days & nothing)

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      Hi PokerStrategy,

      I signed up to Skrill and applied for the Pre Paid MasterCard so that I can withdraw funds faster from Stars. I make alot of cashouts as a regular user on Stars and the PrePaid card seems great.

      One problem, I uploaded £10 to pay for the card and then sent all the required information to verify my identity & even requested a letter through the post which I received a few days ago to verify my address.

      The site says it takes 24-48 hours to verify your ID and documents.

      Mine has been exactly 7 days (168 hours...) Without a single email about my process...

      I have emailed support after 2 days & heard nothing back I then emailed 2 days later again and still nothing, no reply.

      Is it usual to wait this long? I have enclosed my Skrill ID within my profile if any reps see this post.
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