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C/bet, three/bet, and four/bet

    • mindbreaking
      Joined: 06.12.2012 Posts: 4
      C-bet, three bet, and four bet, how much should I bet at € NL0.10/0.25 tables when I play, on the flop, turn or river? I know that a raise preflop is 4+1bb (perlimper), and the positions count too...I have hand charts for every position, but this is what makes me curious. I don't know what percents should I set on the betslider option. (Stars, has that option.) This is similar with the other thread that I started, but I never used forums at that time, and was unfamiliar with postings.
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    • JCSeerup
      Joined: 14.12.2010 Posts: 1,094
      3Bet around 2,5x, if you are squeezing 3x+1x per caller.

      C-bet around 65-70% pot seems decent

      4Bet am I not really sure about myself, but I think about 2,2x is good
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,027
      Thanks JC :)

      I will move this to our NL board for further discussion!

      All the best,
    • mindbreaking
      Joined: 06.12.2012 Posts: 4
      Hi again, I am sorry for my reply, that it took so long, but what do you mean by 2,5x (the x symbol)? That should be in my view of how many players are included with the hand? Am I right? I'm half the way to finish reading Poker math Made Easy, and Texas holdem Tournament Strategy. So this will take most of my time lol. (:

      Thank you all! & Greetings
    • holmeboy
      Joined: 29.01.2010 Posts: 1,336
      JC summed it up well.

      I'd 3bet more out of position (so someone raises and your in the blinds) maybe 3x.

      And 4bet 2-2.2x is good.

      The x means multiply. So 2.5x means 2.5 multiplied by the raise amount:

      eg: We're on btn and someone raises 3bb. So we 3b 7.5bb (2.5 x 3).
    • mindbreaking
      Joined: 06.12.2012 Posts: 4
      ty for the answers, i wanted to answer, but thought i made a new thread to a new topic, need to figure it out again,

      I guess what I was about to ask was for the tournamet bet sizing postflop, I know that you have to raise preflop 4+1bb per each limper, I tried cash games, and lost all of my bankroll idk how it happened but maybe tilt.

      Blinds usually go up like this

      10/ 20
      15/ 30
      20/ 40
      25/ 50
      30/ 60
      40/ 80
      50/ 100 ect (and they rise usually 5 to 10 mins)

      I am not saying that you haven't helped me, you have and I am thankfull for that, but I am really in interested to learn poker. I've won some money from freeroll tournaments and don't want to bust it to the $0 again. Also I joined up with PokerSchoolOnline forum, and my first live training session will take, at Wednesday, 05 JUNE, 2013. I feel much more comfortable at tournament tables then cash games...Sorry for my english, and that the post was too long!

      Greetings & best of luck!