Constant disconnection across board

    • lardieboy
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      Hi all,

      I've just got a new windows 8 laptop, everything working fine in terms of internet connection except one thing - poker. With iPoker clients, pokerstars and fulltilt I disconnect very regularly, making it unplayable. Considering poker was a major reason I got the laptop, I'm pretty gutted. I've shut down my firewall so I know that's not the problem, I've tested the router with another machine so I know that's not the problem either. I'm now out of ideas. Anyone fixed a similar issue with something other than firewall/router issues?!

      Someone put me out of my misery, please!!!
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    • HuhtalaJ
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      Hi lardieboy,

      Have you tried running your poker softwares as admin? Are their .exes in the list of exceptions of your anti-virus software? Also, do you loose your internet connection while playing or just the connection to the poker server?