Micro Stakes SNG Questions

    • Michael2345
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      Hi, I just have a few questions that came up I play 1 table sng's regularly.

      When the flush comes in on the turn and you have a made hand such as TPTK how do you handle such situations? If a coach could explain their thought process here it would be much appreciated.

      Also how do really good players play over 6 games at a time? Are there shortcut keys I could be using?

      Finally what are some good default hand ranges to use in different positions at the micro stakes? What kind of things should you be looking for to vary these hand ranges and what hands in which positions would you be adding? Looking for some good players or coaches opinions.

      Thanks a lot for anyone's help.
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi there! Playing 6-tables at a time is really not that hard, but it comes with experience. The more you play, the greater knowledge you get, the easier you handle more common situations, hence you lose less time on them and that makes it possible to multitable. Just don't force yourself as it might result in a poor play. You can use pokerstars hot keys beta option or tableninja, or Ongmachine(if u play on Ongame network) to provide you with better multitabling exprience. A hud like HEM or pokertracker is also a must imo.

      Default hand ranges are mostly used for 9-10-player sng and you can check our strategy section for more info. Here's a link:


      As for the specific hand that you asked-it really depends on the board, opponent we are facing, image, risk aversion, etc, etc... Best is to post the hand in our hand evaluation forums and get the proffy opinion of one of our judges.