i was doing pretty well, playing my normal MTT game(my online MTT game is far better than live for some reason, placed top 3 in 3 of the 9 MTT's i have been in) which is basically TAG till the add-on break(although i managed to chip up a couple of times to stay around, or just under average chips)

i was kicking myself on quite a few occasions where i knew i made the right fold, but a great flop comes out anyways.

J6o from cutoff, table had been pretty bad regarding preflop donk play(as you can tell by the wide range of chipstacks in relation to the blinds) and this was one of the first hands that had been limped to me in mid/late position. of course, as anyone on PS(but only about 10% of people on titan) would do on a table like this, i fold.
nice flop though

after the break, i alternated LAG/TAG, which, for the first 20-30 minutes, failed quite miserably. At one point i was below 1 blind, got 2 lucky hands in a blind rotation and a donk folding to my 1.5blind all in raise.
After that first failure, i managed to get myself back to around average stack, and higher still. by the 2nd break i was about 10-20% above average stack.
after the break i got my 2nd bit of luck(in ~300-400 hands it takes to complete an MTT, chances are you will get lucky once or twice) where 2 big stacks who had been blindstealing bet and raised my BB when i had KK. tripled up and was around 5th-8th chipleader.

continued to play, seeing as few showdowns, preferring to bet the opponent off, or fold when i knew i was behind without the correct pot odds. Made it to the final table as 3rd in chips.
10th to 4th was quite wierd. i was on my TAG stage, and it seemed to me that everyone around me was trading chips, one minute the guy to my left is chip leader, next minute he has 5BB and is shoving hands, only my stack and one other guy(another TAG'er i guess) remained largely unchanged, i just TAG'ed and rode it to the final 4, defended against blind steals 3 big blinds in a row(AQ, 88, and AK, most steals were button or cutoff minraises). according to a friend of mine this gave me quite good table image, but unfortunately i dont trust myself to be experienced enough to use table image effectively.

i ended up taking out one of the remaining players, putting me at chip leader, but not by much(160k vs 150k vs 120k according to the conversation i was having with my brother on msn at the time), from there, i had a few small suckouts(60% favorites not coming up), but managed to stay at a decent chip stack
eventually got aces UTG/button when i was 2nd chip leader. limped, SB bets 2.5x, BB(and last in chips at about 100k at the time) raises 2.5x that.
SB folds, BB calls, AA vs QQ with aces holding up.

HU lasted about 40-50 minutes, which has to be the most enjoyable poker i have ever played. i was min betting almost every SB, and it was making him fold enough that i was able to slowly bleed him of chips.

he starts 3x raising my bets, which, for the most part, made it unplayable for me, it hurt a fair bit until i got AA on SB(i outstacked him around 70%/30%).
I make my standard minimum bet, he raises, i 3 bet, he shoves, i call, AA vs QQ again.
this time his queens hit trips on the river, im back down to around 100k chips vs his 350k or so.

start ICM'ing and get into a coinflip which i end up winning and we are 50/50 again.

blinds are stolen and re-stolen for the next 10-15 minutes until i get QTs

The hand:

$8000/$16000 No Limit Holdem
2 players
Converted at weaktight.com

BTN AdamCeee ($231520.00)
BB Hero ($221480.00)

Pre-flop: ($24000, 2 players) Hero is BB T:club: Q:club:
AdamCeee raises to $32000, Hero calls $16000

Flop: 6:diamond: 2:diamond: Q:spade: ($64000, 2 players)
Hero bets $32000, AdamCeee raises to $64000, Hero raises to $189480, AdamCeee calls $125480

Turn: T:diamond: ($442960, 2 players)

River: 8:diamond: ($442960, 2 players)

Final Pot: $442960
AdamCeee shows: A:club: A:spade:

Hero wins $442960 ( won +$221480 )
AdamCeee lost -$221480.00

He probably could have bet me off with a higher post flop raise(i.e. shoving) as he had played quite TAG(well, as TAG as i have seen any player play HU and not be a complete donkey) so i was very wary of anything above minraises from him.

but then again, i suppose he was trying to build up the pot specifically for the all-in, figuring his overpair was good, which, im sure, it usually would be.
i realised that this would probably be my best chance to end it, hence my shove.

funnily enough, as soon as i won that hand, he had 10.020 left,and then the break comes up and i have to wait 5 minutes before i can finally end it.

first hand after the break, blinds are 10k/20k, i complete to 10,020 with 29o. He shows 67o.
flop: 3 T 8 rainbow

turn 6(at this point i had walked away from my laptop to get a drink, figuring i had won. got back just before the river was dealt)
got a rather nasty surprise when i saw the 6, but it didnt worry me too much as i still had at least 2 more shots at call any 2, and even after that he would still be massively shortstacked if he managed to luck out another 2 times.

river was a 9.

my friend who had been watching me intermittently through the entire tournament until i got to the final table(he is 17 years old and only understands the very basics of poker, we started teaching him to play properly yesterday) was at a loss as to why i had lost, it took him a good 20-30 seconds to see the straight.

luckily next hand i got pocket queens, which hold up to his 59o(although he had a flushdraw on the turn which was quite scary) and i finally win the tournament after roughly 4-5 hours played(i lost track of time playing and im not sure exactly when i started)

im thinking of maybe multitabling the $3 and $5 MTT GP R/A(i think its $500 and $1500 GP respectively) to see if it can give a decent ROI over a long period of time or whether my current streak is completely based off amazing luck(which is what i tend to believe at the moment)