overpairs and post flop play

    • shero1910
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      Hi guys

      What's your advice for postflop play with overpairs.

      Eg..today I called a preflop raise with 99 and the flop came 334. The preflop raiser cbet which I called. He bet again on the turn and I folded.

      I just was not confident enough with my nines.

      Generally how often will I be facing a higher pair or better in scenarios like this?

      Regards, Marc.
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    • Erevos
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      Surprise, surprise: IT DEPENDS!
      (on the opponent, the situation, bet sizing, and of course the higher your pair the better)
    • spreeboy
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      Spots like this happens often with mid pairs. I suggest you take a look at villains cbet flop + cbet turn stats.

      If villain has for example cbet flop 75% and then cbet turn 50%, then there is a good chance that he will second barrel with some overcards on the turn, which means our hand has decent equity to continue. However, if his cbet flop is like 75% then dramatically drops to like 25% on the turn, this means he has a tendency to play straightforward on the turn, so if he bets again, you need to re-evaluate your hand str. (second example is exploitable so avoid it yourself :D ).

      BTW, dont forget to check villains VPIP/PFR stats to see if he is opening wide or tight preflop. Hope this helps.