As it might have happened to a lot of you, i was a losing player in the beginning of my poker career. Lost my 50$ starting capital and 150$ of my own money. It mostly had to do with tilting and poor BRM.

So i decided to take a break for a while, and focus more on studying. I've watched all of Hasenbraten's videos, read and re-read all the articles and constantly checked the posted hands on the forums. In the meanwhile i was playing freerolls as i didn't want to spend any more of my own money for poker. Reached 4th place twice in a 100$ freeroll, and also hit the money several times. I spent my small winnings buying in for several tournaments. I didn't do that impressive, but my play was visibly improving.

Two days ago i finished 2nd in a 1k GTD, won 150$ and with my new gain of capital and confidence i started playing BSS on NL10(by now i considered myself to be experienced enough to to start with 15BI). Yesterday i managed to reach 210$ despite spending 60-70$ on tourney entries and SnGs. Also ended 34th in a 2k GTD, 58th in the 1k GTD, and busted out 10-15 places before the money in two 11$ and 22$ tournaments i played outside BRM(however promised myself that it's the last time i did that).

Today i just won a 2k GTD 6$ buy-in MTT and got another 570$ added to my bankroll so things are looking even better. My BR is close to 800$ now, and I decided i'll keep playing on NL10 until i reach 1k. In the meantime i'll stick to 2$ and 6$ MTTs, and move to 11$ once i pass the 1k mark. My career as a poker player got another chance, and this time i will not fuck it up.

Hope this serves as an encouragement for all the people struggling to become better, be it at poker or at any other thing. Some are naturals, like that guy jordgubban. For others it takes effort and patience, but in the end it doesn't matter, as long as you become a winner. Luck is irrelevant, if you try enough times it's bound to come anyway.

Also all my thanks to the community. Keep it up guys!