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:D Fun

    • Brejk06
      Joined: 27.04.2008 Posts: 39
      So after a long break i got back and was up and running untill i got to the dreadfull NL30. as always at this lvl i get a doomswing. so i lost loads and then the tilting came naturally since im instabil:P So i went to the NL200tables playing perfect and doubling up on one. So my plan is to microlimit my way up to NL50 and skip NL30. This is the third time that lvl has killed me of.

      I love especially one multiway pot where i hold KK. Cant find it on elephant for some reason. Mansions hand history sucks. i think i have like 1000unimported hands overall. Anyway I raised then reraise, call,call then i reraise again and everybody calls. Flop is QhJd8h so i push directly since the pot is huge. 2 guys goes all in after. the first guy shows me KQ and the second one is a huge stack and calls me down with Q9o. REALLY? And guess what the turn shows. it starts with a T and ends with an EN. I think hes the luckiest man alive or hes obviously cheating. Mansions rigged!
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    • karmolll
      Joined: 11.07.2008 Posts: 101
      Hey don t be dissapointed . U re right MANSION IS RIGGED . U don t play poker at Mansion , u play some scenario .
      At Mansion u win or lose just because the soft want that. it s not about poker or right decision .
      For 1 week I play for nothing I am around 1200 and I can t pass. I losse about 100 to ugly bad beats than i win them back kind of easy way , then i lose them again and win again and again and again.
      I m sick of loosing with flop set vs overpair runner runner str8 or flush or hit set , i m sick of loosing flot nut str8 vs runner runner flush or bigger str8 or full house , I m sick of that card that always comes and improves your hand but gives your opponent the nuts , I m sick of that noobs that raise uIall in with nothing and get runner runner suck out from 3% . I m sick cause I know it s not poker bad luck and I know that IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN but i just can t fold top set on flop and I know that i need to lose if I want to win again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      It is not about limits tonight i lost to NL50 today I won them back to NL30 and right now i m losing them to NL30.
      It s about money !!!!!!!!!!!!!! now we have some nice stacks and we just work for them we win and lose and keep the same banckroll. That s how they win MONEY FROM RAKE . They don t let us to get bigger banckrolls , because we are able to CASH OUT and thy don t want that , they want to keep money in play so they can win from RAKE .
      This week destroyed my poker concepts , I m not even happy when i win a big pot .... I m waiting few more days , I have to recive the 100$ bonus and I might say goodbye to mansion .
      it s ussless to have the bigest fishes in town at the table if they suck out every time
    • Corrupted666
      Joined: 10.12.2007 Posts: 36
      Mansion is sick,I got my pokerstrategy $50 on there and I constantly lost even with the best hands.I grew bored with the constant disconnections and shit I moved to pokerstars.I built my freeroll money $4.19 into $76 atm and all i can say is pokerstars is a far superior site.My mate thinks Mansion is terribable as well and hes a good live player(£0.50-£1.00 blinds). Just a pity you cant re-track your accounts as I'm gonna be a bronze member forever.
    • fermion314
      Joined: 26.11.2007 Posts: 240
      Mansion Poker, where everyone loses.
    • alejandrosh
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 4,346
      Just a pity you cant re-track your accounts as I'm gonna be a bronze member forever.

      same here, I play on pokerstars wich is bigger than the one i have tracking on fulltilt ( well, much bigger, because on fulltilt i have practicly nothing) , and now i'm sure stars is THE site to play (no more calling it riverstars from me lol).

      i might play on mansion if my advertised frinds manage to not go broke tho , i'm having second thoughts after reading this post.
    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hey guys.
      I know downswings are annoying and you start to blame the pokersite for your bad luck but it's just variance.
      Maybe you should read this thread. It's for partypoker but applies for all sites

      Is Party Poker "rigged"?

      Best regards,