• Advocate54
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      So what are peoples preferences? Im new here so im sorry if this is a stupid question, or if ive misread something somewhere. If in the event I havent, whats peoples preference? :D
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    • straddler71
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      Currently using sss. Building up br so I can start using bss. Also to move up in limits using good brm of course. SSS is easy, you should start with that.
    • delete461
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      agree with straddler - its not really a matter of preference, it depends on what stage you are at with learning etc. definitely start with SSS and think about switching to BSS later.
    • JohnJames97
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      I got murdered with sss. Lost $200 in 2 weeks (.15/.25 @ everest, $4 buy in and $8.75 leave table).
      IMO sss gets punished for any mistakes u make, if u do use sss follow preflop chart religiously, don't for example play kjs when it says kq; jj when it says qq; 66 when it says 77 etc, you will get punished.

      I Switched to bss and won it all back in 2 days.

      If u are a good player post flop, then i suggest bss. But u have to make laydowns of big hands, like 2 pair and trips occasionally when confronted with allin bets against possible flusshes,trips,straights,and fullhouses. Lay down Top pair quite often.
      Wait for your turn, don't push big hands unless u are certain u have best hands and will be called (then only if u think u will get called), bet for value; ie, only bet amount so they will call, often they will see smaller bet as weakness and try bluffing u anyway and also when u are making small bet bluffs u will get away with them because that is the same way u bet your big hands. Sometimes i win pots with nothing when i continue bet only .75 flop and $1 turn @ $6 + pots etc.
    • JohnJames97
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      1. SSS=simpler,

      - mistakes get punished but occasionally you'll get a double kick/double up when already at 35BB and awaiting to see your round out and leave the table.

      - Pretty boring Although it can be profitable/exciting at loose tables and even necessary at crazy tables.

      2. BSS= higher pressure/more complex post flop decisions and requires deeper reads of opponents (play less tables).
      - can be higher variance bankroll poker particularly against skilled opponents
      (i just did my $1 000 k bankroll in 8 hands i got in 20 minutes @ FullTilt)
      I got 6 in a row 2% river bad beats followed by three 6% river bad beats

      I am unwilling to play their anymore.

      Total Since Pokerstrategy:

      Everest $150 into $1400
      ( 4 weeks solid play @ $25/$50/$200 - SSS/BSS

      Full Tilt
      $270 into $1400 (3 days at Full Tilt Same SSS/BSS)i
      $1400 into $300 (20 minutes) !!! - 8 BSS bad beats in a row/be careful

      Cheers and Wealth
    • Ironvein
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      I've been playing SSS for a while and, while winning, have been getting bored/frustrated with how long it takes to even get a playable hand. It's even to the point that I can play 4 tables at once because of that infrequency. I was wondering what ppl thought of; while still using SS for buy-ins and cash-outs; to use BSS starting hand chart instead. profitable? good practice exercise? change of pace or just plain stupid?