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Account Restricted Due to Association with Another Player

    • Prizalee
      Joined: 29.04.2013 Posts: 13
      Any advice regarding this?

      1. I opened a PS & Fulltilt account last month. An acquaintance from another poker forum transferred $200 dollars to my new account
      2. My account was frozen due to the transfer. PS requested IDs and Billing address which i fully accomplished

      3. After I was cleared, i received another email that reinstatement of my account is pending after the other player who transferred the money has also provided the standard documents (ID and billing statement) required by PS
      Email from PS to me:
      Regrettably, issues on the account 'WU|s3xxxx' are not resolved yet and we will not be able to fully reinstate your account until the issues in account 'WU|s3xxxx’ are resolved due to your association with this player. Although we do not imply any wrongdoing, we would prefer if all related PokerStars account holders have settled their matter with us.

      4. The other player has provided the necessary documents, all except the billing address which instead he provided a bank statement which he recently emailed

      Now the problem is, after all the documents were provided by the other player received an email from PS

      Hello Jxxxx,

      Thank you for your email.

      Unfortunately, as a result of the activity on your account, which breaches our Terms of Service, we have decided to leave your account closed. You may view our Terms of Service further at:

      My question:

      Will my account also be closed because of the "ACTIVITY" not specified by PS to the other player?

      If PS found irregularities on the account of the other player, Will the transfer made by the other player be grounds for PS to also close my account?

      I haven't e-mailed PS yet, can anybody give me advice regarding this matter?

      Should PS decides to also close my account. It would be like I’m being banned by PS because I received money transfer?

      Does this situation already constitute a security breach to PS?

      What should I do? I need your advice please
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      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,030
      Hey Prizalee,

      Just contact PokerStars and get this issue resolved in my opinion. You can always take a look at their terms and conditions but I am sure they will explain everything to you and tell you exactly where to look too :)

      I don't think there is much point in thinking about what to do. Just contact them ;)