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    • JoadDoCarmo
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      Oi! New here so hope I put this right place.

      A question - I think to move/travel in a few months, to see world a bit but want to carry playing poker online, where best places you think?

      Just getting ideas now thats all. Thank u.
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, JoadDoCarmo

      Welcome to the PokerStrategy.com !

      If you're going to travel, the world is a big place.

      It is tough to offer suggestions without knowing where you're starting from.

      Why not tell us a bit more about yourself, what other things you like to do or see.

      My suggestion would be to visit Canada :D !
      You could spend a lifetime here and still not see all of it.

      Good luck!
    • PokerPPP
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      Brace yourself! Everybody will suggest their own country :D Where are you from? If I ever decide to travel/live abroad I would probably go to Philippines (I am Bulgarian) as I have read tons and tons of posts about this country here and it looks nice
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      Let us know some more JoadDoCampo as the guys have said and we'll do our best to help you out :)