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weak play or just a bad luck?

    • oldfish86
      Joined: 12.01.2008 Posts: 1
      Hello everybody,

      I just wondering that what I am doing wrong, all the time if I am playing I stay at 0 level a long time when at least I lost it all.
      it means that if I start like 50 bucks then my balance is staying after long play is still 50 bucks, maybe its stays about 90 buck few day, but finally it goes down again. Example I start playing with 50 bucks on monday and end of week its still 50 bucks and finally I lost it all, because I got so many bad beats. Like it was yesterday

      All these hands I got in 2 hours and lost all my bucks:

      QQ vs 96 - I rised 3$ prefop, he called, flop was 10J2, then I rised 6$, he called, turn was 3 and I go all in, about 15$ and he called with nothing and hit his flush with the river
      KK vs 8 10 - I rised preflop and postflop, again he hit his stright with the river
      KK vs Q8 - after my lost with KK vs 8 10 I got in another room the same hand(was next hand) and ofcourse again he hits his flush again with the last card. And I made a big rises, but he called all the time..
      AA vs K10 - he hits his stright here
      QQ vs JJ vs 66 - all are going all in preflop, pot is about 70$ and ofcourse 6 are coming on the table and I lost with my QQ again
      A10 vs K4 - flop AK10 turn K
      JJ vs 48 - he hits his flush again here
      9A vs 10J - flop 9910 I made big rise with my three of kind and got a call, then turn was A, I cheked with my full house, he bets and I went all in and river was 10
      33 vs AK - flop 3KJ - no rises preflop, flop gives me three of kind and I bet and got a rise and made rerise, but ofcourse he finally hits his flush again

      All this actions happened with me in 2 hours and I lost abot 100 bucks

      It happens with me all the time, is it just a bad luck or weak play I cant figured out, what I am doing wrong and how I should play to become profitable.
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    • finchybg
      Joined: 16.12.2007 Posts: 910
      don't whine - work on your game, take a rest - and then try again. :)

      but as far as I can estimate from your post, you have done something wrong with the bankroll management.. It is really unlikely, not to say impossible, to lose all the starting money playing SSS on NL10.

      Bear this in mind for the future :)