Hey guys

This is the first session I decided to record and put online, I'm hoping to get some responses to this in the form of tips and what not. Can even feel free to add a new audio layer, or use subtitles to provide comments if you want.

Basically its a roughly 40 minute session on Titan, I didn't get a whole lot of playable hands and messed one of them up badly (by raising 0.80 instead of 0.08), and played one less good than I could have played it, but I think I did okay being such an inexperienced player.

The video can be found here: http://rapidshare.com/files/139272452/session4_2NL_FR.rar

It's just over 50mb so that's quite okay.

The video is reduced in size, probably shouldn't have done that and chosen a better codec instead, but it's not that bad. Tips for this are welcome as well.

Furthermore, excuse my voice, have a pretty bad cold.

The next video will be following very shortly, on Party Poker this time though, and after that I'll see if there's any interest for more (although I think I'm the one learning from this and possible comments, not so much the other inexperienced players, sadly :( )

Take care

#pokerstrategy-en on irc.quakenet.org :D