[Offer] NL10-25 CG stake

    • totte1992
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      I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same.

      I am looking to offer a few stakes for nl10-25 for players that are interested in climbing in the limits. Im only interested in staking players that are active in pokerstrategys forum so the 300 post is a recuirement ( i wont reply to people without the 300 post). People that have a blog or are interested in making one have prio on this stake.

      :club: The staking will take place at pokerstars. :club:

      To apply to this stake i would like you to send me a PM with the following:

      :spade: Some info about yourself and about your pokerhistory
      :spade: Screennames on all sites
      :spade: What kind of pokersoftware you use
      :spade: Some stats of your previous play (graph)
      :spade: Why you want the stake?
      :spade: How many hands you are able to play each month
      :spade:O ther references, Have you been staked before ?
      :spade: Email and skype adress

      The deal will look like following:

      :diamond: 50/50 split of all winnings with stakeback
      :diamond: All kind of rakeback are included in the deal.

      ( Deal can be discussed later on )

      Please reply in this post when you have sent your friendrequest and the PM
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