Alzheimers prevention + brain enhancements in specific areas.

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      Check out this site if you want to enhance your brain in specific areas, or if you want to prevent when getting old to get alzheimers.

      In Denmark 10% of the population get demented when they are above 60-70, and the road to get demented is a path through alzheimers. Long story short, if u keep do theese games once in a while, it should completely remove the probablility to get alzheimers, since the brain start a process of creating dementedness/alzheimers if it dont get used to its potential.

      Furthermore you can check what ur avg brain BPI is, and compare if i want.

      In poker we use attention, problemsolving, memory and speed. And if you could make your brain faster why not?

      When creating a acc u can pay to get full programs, kinda cheap, or you can for free have 3 games pr day. I chosed the last part since i dont wanna overdo something that might not work.

      Btw my avg bpi has rised 250 from when i started the program, then some might say, yeah but u just get good at the games in there. Yes, but they make new games once in a while, and if u dont pay, u get 3 diff games everyday, and you chan CHOOSE when you make ur acc what part of the brain u want to enhance.

      Just wanted to put it out there for ppl, not like im a affiliate hunting for clicks on a link, check it out or dont, ur choise.
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