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      This blog isn't actually a blog, I need a site to put my non-standard hands on, for the purpose of discussing them with my friends Thus I won't report ups and downs and stories, but if you have ideas or comments for particular hands, feel free to comment.

      Villain unknown, seems active. There are a couple of pair+gutshot draws but I feel he might overplay QT/QJ and fold most of his weak pairs+draws+underpairs and all of his air. This is an ugly spot to raise/call a 3bet without history so i elect to call.
      Turn is ugly because it gives him twopair often, as well as additional outs with QT. I thought about folding in that spot hoping he is passive, but thought that it is a shitty spot for me to fold if he is doublebarreling TT or air, since it is a pretty scary card and my hand could not play for stacks on that flop. The odds were too good so i elected to peel in case he (semi)bluffs and will give up on the river if he is bluffing and i have an easy checkbehind.
      River pairs the 2ndpair, and a reasonable player would turn JT into a bluffcatcher here, since AQ is the absolute bottom of my calling range. But he doesn't think too much and bets quite quickly again. The 9 is good in case he 5 outered me on the turn and polarizes his range when betting towards Q9,98 maybe JT and lots of busted/ hands without showdownvalue against my range i called flop+turn with.
      I think my rivercall is thin given no history, but also not knowing anything about him and not having raised the flop as played laying down basically Toptwo would be a mistake and the odds were ok with 2.6:1.

      An awkward hand on an active tables vs unknowns mostly. At least no regulars are in the hand, since i know most of them. The standard play would be to bet the flop, and see how action progresses. Otherwise TP2K value in 4way pots are skewed even on a paired very dry flop. If behind villain is drawing to 2-3 outs, if Villain is ahead I'm way behind with 2 outs. So i elected to check and sie if it goes bet+raise, I'd have to muck my TP because it's no good, if nobody bet's i still get two good streets of value because the pot is bloated anyway being 4way. Now villain that flatcalled my UTG raise preflop leads almost pot and 2 behind him fold, I call seeing no value in raising.
      The turn makes me sick, because a standard flatcalling/leading flop range would be AK,AQ,AJ,ATs and few suited aces if he has an A, and since he bet the flop with two people behind him that's exactly what I thought he had. I was pretty sure he'd bet again with a 9 and maybe trap AJ and also probably bet AK for 2 streets of value from a smaller A. He doesn't give it any thought and checks behind quickly. At this point I'm a bit confused and the River is practically a blank. If he led the flop with a sick backdoorflushdraw of some kind with 3% equity he'd of course valuebet, if he had some kind of suited Ace he'd probably make a small valuebet in position in case i elected to c/c the flop with KK QQ.
      Now I time down while thinking about his range and decided to let him bet, because he might bluffshove weak Aces on me because I underrepresented my hand while making it obvious, that I wanted to see a cheap showdown. Also from small Aces which I thought would be the minority of his range I probably won't get value if he his thinking and I didn't have information of him being fish.
      When he bet 15$ into 15$ my first thought was beat, and my second thought was nuts or nothing weighing more to nothing because of how I played my hand he wouldn't expect me to call off a big bet on the river if I had a showdownvalue but not great enough hand. Easy call I guess.

      Villain is a huge fish, limpcalls 80% of his range and PFR 10-12, plays passively. I give up on the turn, he checks again. I figure he'd at least bet 2nd pair but c/c all his low PP. I give myself 3:1 odds on him folding Q9,KQ,89 splits and hopefully A highs by betting 5 into 10.
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      Villain is very active, i have no reads concerning numbers. Just sat down but have been watching the table. As the preflop aggressor he plays cbet flop, c/raise all-in turn in every hand he raised up and c/raises also all the hands he passively defends preflop or limp/calls in.
      This is usually a very basic fundamental valuebet/fold but because of what I have seen from him I made a very unusual checkbehind, which makes the hand very hard to play on most turns and rivers.
      I go ahead an protect the safe turn and call his small check/raise. I don't see value in reraising and bet/folding vs his huge range. Checking behind once again is bad since he didn't show aggression and he will payoff or even reraise with flushdarws, gutshots, mixed draws, in which case i have 65%+ on the turn as opposed to a flip on the flop. The river is safe and i elect to call his bluffbet and see no value in raising.