Live hand calling big bets

    • Vaars
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      I played a hand live recently where I lost most of my buy-in:

      It's 5-handed, £0.50/1 blinds, I have about 80, opponent has about 60. He is CO, I'm BU.

      I had A :club: 4 :club: , and raised to 4 after UTG and the villain just called. BB and villain call, making the pot £16.50.

      The flop comes A :diamond: 4 :diamond: 3 :spade:

      Two checks to me, I bet £12, BB and UTG fold, villain calls.

      Turn is 3 :club: .

      Villain checks, I bet another £15, and he calls.

      River is 9 :spade: .

      Again villain checks.

      Here I make a blunder and bet £12, and he goes all-in and I call. He turns over K :diamond: 3 :diamond: , with a missed flush draw but catching trip threes on the turn, so I lost most of my stack. I know that the bet on the end was a disaster, and that the situation is crying out for a check behind from me, but I am interested in whether the cutoff's play was good, calling on the flop. Does this kind of thing (calling a big bet with bottom pair and a second nut flush draw) happen often?
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    • ImaginaryJ
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      CU preflop play is definitely bad and loosing proposition. But as it comes to flop, with his nut flush draw ( not as you stated 2nd nut flush draw ) he can do only one mistake - and it is to fold. And your bet isnt even that big being 3/4 of a pot. Also i think your R bet was good given that you can get value from all other Ax ( besides A9 and A3 of course) and can possibly be called by even worst hand.
    • Mantelo
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      I really doubt that hand was played @ the casino? :f_cool: I think You should isolate much bigger than 4x after 2 limps. My preferable line would be to raise 6x, cbet big & jam Turn. And when swear all over the table: "How could You call it.. :s_evil: "
    • Vaars
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      It actually was played at a casino. And yes sorry, it was the nut flush, I wasn't thinking straight when I typed that.

      As it happens, I think it actually was a £15 on the flop, I couldn't remember exactly. I was thinking at the time that I could get value from Ax on the end, but even then I'd have thought that he might have realised that that shouldn't be winning. I'm not sure whether I should call the all-in in that case...?