PokerTracker 4.08.3 OUT NOW

Incremental Release Notes - May 31, 2013

Key Updates Summary:

  • IMPORTANT: PokerTracker 4 will advise all users to perform a database update, this is necessary to implement the changes in this release that improve statistical accuracy. A database update may take considerable time, please plan accordingly.
  • NEW: support is now available, this 888 skin is the first Nevada, USA poker site supported by PokerTracker! PokerTracker 4 will support from the very first day that real money online poker is launched!

  • Site: 888: Added auto-detection support for

  • Import: Gtech G2: Generated text hand histories are now defined as "GTech G2" instead of the former name which was "BossMedia"
  • Database: The database update window can now be minimized to improve the user experience while an update is taking place
  • Database: The descriptive text used in the database update window has been updated to better explain why an update is needed and what is to be expected during the update
  • Database: Clicking X to close the message asking if a database update should be performed now defaults to LATER instead of NOW
  • Database: Updated clustering of several tournament tables for performance optimization
  • HUD: PokerStars: Default positions are now available for 4-max tournament’s 5-max final tables

  • Import: Cereus: Address an import error that can occur due to split pot rake in old Cereus network hands
  • Import: MG: Adjust for a hand history syntax change which resulted in a "No tournament identifier found in hand" error by allowing parenthesis ( ) instead of the brackets [ ]
  • Import: Party: Compensate for undeclared new players arriving at a full table in the hand history before the old players leave
  • Import: Party: Address a possible “out of memory” crash that could occur when importing corrupt Party hands
  • Import: Party: Address import errors that could occur in old Party hands if players appear in the hand history when the player cannot take any actions in the hand
  • Import: WPN emailed: Recognize the file format changes for Winning text support hand histories sent via email
  • Import: Ultimate Bet: Address import errors that can occur with raked hands that are from pre-Cereus days for historical accuracy
  • Import: Alter the import status reporting so cancelled hands do not generate an error because this is an expected behavior
  • Import: Verify that Float turn and river database fields require a c-bet
  • HUD: Fix bug introduced in 4.08.2 that stopped Live Stats from updating if there is a minimum hands filter set for the HUD
  • Filters: Improve detection of the Turn Probe Bet filters
  • ICM Simulation: Fix the placement of the ICM Information box when Preferred Seating is enabled in the Replayer
  • Run it Twice: Improve the experience for Run It Twice hands in the Hand History Replayer, including equities for the second board and numerous cosmetic fixes such as smaller cards
  • Tournament Detection: Improve detection to better address the buyin/fee split for Party Poker 9-max $1 STT