..help? with sng

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    • cannell555
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      Hi miskokvo,

      To beat these loose players we need to play TaG style. This way we are only playing hands which often dominate villains. When you hit a hand you need to play it really aggressively, because these guys will often pay us off with weak hands.

    • bckdrflush
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      After a few rounds, 4 people playing 60% VPIP will usually knock each other out soon enough. Sit back fold your bad hands and enjoy :-) In the end, these types of players are very profitable. Over time your AA, AK, and KK will win much more than they lose. After 10k hands at 6$, things looked pretty standard as far as odds go.

      10$ games seems to be a limit with a wide variety of players - many bad. When I was one of these bad players, I'd deposit $100 and play $10 games as long as I could last. Maybe 15$ games would be a bit more of a thinker's game. My $0.02

      Stick with it, it sounds like you're a solid player and just need to find your game or site. I play at stars on 16$ games, it's much less fishy than the 6$ level, but I didn't play the 10$ games (too slow) I was playing 6max, and always playing against 3 or 4 players 50%VPIP or higher. I played tight as usual for the first few rounds, not completing much unless enough limpers to make pot odds - and mainly playing ABC poker. When the blinds are big enough the ICM game kicks in, and it pretty much plays itself. Yes, SnGs are sick in general ;)

      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      9 players
      Converted at weaktight.com

      UTG (1465)
      UTG+1 (2085)
      MP1 (910)
      MP2 (910)
      MP3 (2435)
      Hero (1445)
      BTN (1955)
      SB (1495)
      BB (800)

      Blinds: 25/50

      Pre-flop: (75, 9 players) Hero is CO K A
      2 folds, MP1 raises to 150, 2 folds, Hero raises to 450, 1 fold, SB raises to 850, 1 fold, MP1 calls 700, Hero goes all-in 1445, SB calls 595, MP1 goes all-in 60

      Flop: 8 6 2 (3850, 3 players)

      Turn: 8 (3850, 3 players)

      River: 7 (3850, 3 players)

      Final Pot: 3850
      MP1 shows: Q K
      Hero shows: K A
      SB shows: A J

      Hero wins 3850 ( won +2405 )
      MP1 lost -910
      SB lost -1445
    • miskokvo
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      hm ... im playing 11$ sng sesion of 4... for 3 days with no results ... im sick of it coz i was crashing 5,5$ .... but i cant beat 11$ ... i need a break and read some literature coz it is sick... (part of it is by bad luck) .... but never happend in my half year carier to stack 3-4 days 200sng at ROI -2% ..always 14-22%
    • miskokvo
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      i played more than 250K hands in sng ... but last fev days i playing like autopilot without using brain maybe this is problem... it is not thath bad coz i my bankroll was 1030$ ... i played more than 200x11$sng and im down to 940$ but it suck
    • cannell555
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      The thing is, 200 SnG's is no sample size at all. It's all in the mind, thats why your so down. Take a break and read the articles again.

      I think your blowing the whole situation out of proportion tbh. This would not affect an experianced player, as its no big deal imo. Just try to work on your game, and become a better player. Forget about the $$$ at this present time.