I wanto to deposit

    • andrescsoto
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      I played pokerstars with the 50 dollars you gave me, but i lost them.
      Now I want to deposit from my money.
      I entered pokerstars and noticed that there was 1 dollar left, and I started to play with it, and now im 30.

      The point is that I asked you for 50 dollars in April, and I dont know if you already retrieved the money I had in my account.
      I want to know because I want to deposit 30 dollars, but I'm afraid you could retreive my money.

      for example:

      April: 50$
      May: 0$ =(
      August: 1,20$ =)
      August 2nd week: 30$ =D

      Now I deposit 30$

      August 3rd week: 60$

      and then Poker strategy says: oh! you owe me money (-50$ )

      could that happen? or because more than 3 months passed, i can deposit without being affraid??

      Thank You!
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi andrescsoto,
      you have to collect 500 VPPs within the first 3 months to clear your 50$ bonus.
      So if you really got your money in April the 50$ should already been deducted.
      Maybe you should double check it and send an email to the stars support and ask about the 50$ starting capital and if they already deducted it since it's kind of weired that you still had 1.20$ left in your account although you quit playing.

      Best regards,
    • SoyCD
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      Hello andrescsoto,

      There should be no problem with depositing as PokerStars should only deduct the $50 that you got from us. If you go on to lose that and deposit yourself this money should not be affected by the 500 FPP / 90 days ruling.

      Best regards,