Articles/Videos on preflop flat calling/3betting

    • tommygecko
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      Can anyone recommend article/videos on preflop flat calling/ 3betting? I have trouble with hand selection facing an open, especially in LP/blinds where sometimes it's close between calling or 3 betting. I browsed through some of the videos on pokerstrategy but I'm not sure which is relevant for me.

      Thanks in advance!
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    • DrDunne
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      hey tommy

      you're right there isn't much content on it directly. not sure if you've watched pleno's gold academy vids but i know he spoke about things like playing from the BU and also playing from the blinds.

      also i know mbml's perfecting preflop play 3part series covered this in some detail. could be worth a watch :)

      i think one of the reasons why there is little direct content on it is because it's such a specific situation in that it almost always will depend entirely on who the opponents are. if you can find and watch pleno's gold academy and also watch mbml's series then im sure you will start to get a good idea of things.

      aside from that, you could also run some filters for these situations and post the preflop part of the hand for evaluation. instead of including your exact hand, it could be useful to talk about your entire range in that particular spot. for example replace your hand with XX and see what the hand judges say about that spot and why.

      hope this helps
    • acetbfish
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      Mbml has also made these videos:
      Constructing Preflop Ranges
      Constructing Cold-Calling Ranges
      Adjusting The Preflop Decision,
      which could be what you are looking for.