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    • NeverLostAgain
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      Hi everyone i am new here and just got into playing poker, i completed all the information asked of me and sent in my ID, does anyone know if the funds are trasfered to your account instantly or you have to wait? And do i get an Email telling me when they are in my account?
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    • batmanbg
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      Funds are not transfered instantly, you have to wait. And yes you will receive email when they are in your account

      Originally posted by Chiller3k
      The verification of your ID-scan takes usually 48 hours. This applies also for the transfer of your starting capital. Thus you will receive your $50 within 96 hours after you've sent your ID-scan.

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    • cojonel
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      you have to wait.....its posible that u ll receive an email telling u to send a copy of your id to suport! after you send the id it takes 48 hours to check it and also 48 hours to send the capital into your account !
      if your lucky that will be oke if u re like me u ll have to wait a lot :> :D read and reread the articles :) !i ll be so glad when i ll receive the capital :X not for the money for viewing the videos :)
      regerds,cojonel :) good luck at tables :)