Try this prank

    • maheepsangari
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      I was reading a 2+2 thread when I got this idea.

      Next time when playing online write this code in the chat window, replace my account with your screenname

      {if (*my account* handrank = x) then {
      if (players hand < *my account rank*)

      cout-> "Player, please raise *myaccount*, he has (players hand ) hand";
      else (set players hand -> AA);

      This code makes it look like you're trying to hack the RNG and get info on his hand, its obviously bogus but the fish and 'its rigged' conspiracy theorists should trip the fuck out.

      Then instantly write, "oops, wrong window, please ignore"

      Comeback and post the funny ways in which people react to this or number of people that leave the tables instantly.
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