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titan pirates?

    • thinboyfat
      Joined: 04.06.2013 Posts: 11
      Ive been playing casino cash games since forever and thought I would take my grandsons advice and look for a site to play online......take a jump into the 21st century!
      I decided to try titan poker but I guess I could have had as bad an experience with any of the other rooms since their Ts and Cs all look the same. I can only surmise that they are all based off shore in banana republics to avoid any legal comebacks regarding their dodgy practices and ambilguously worded contracts.
      My experience was to deposit £5 into my account just to see how I got on with clicking buttons rather than chips and quickly got my balance upto £15 due to a large number of idiots trying to play like seasoned pros in the wrong environment but hey ho!
      I decided that on-line sucks royally and cashed out.........until I was told I couldnt. Apparently after raking more from my winnings than I had myself, they told me I couldnt withdraw my money until I had reached a 'release threshold'? Apparently this was to do with a bonus that I hadnt reached and subsequently told them I didnt want anyway. Im quite happy that my bonus has always been surrounding myself with stupid unschooled players that will just throw their money at me but if youre not so good and need these bonuses to be profitable its worth knowing that you wont be taking any money of any description from these sites until they're ready to give it back

      You have been warned!
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    • thazar
      Joined: 14.09.2009 Posts: 6,561
      Hi Thinboyfat

      I have moved your post to a more relevant board.

      I have played on titan before and did not ever had any issue depositing or withdrawing. I don't remember however how much I played before doing the latter.

      Have you checked their terms end conditions to see what that threshold is? and if you cannot find it maybe ask them to point you in the right direction.

      I know that online poker rooms are bound by strict rules from gambling commissions regarding incoming and outgoing transaction. Those rules are there to prevent money laundering. I know that the term will look ridiculous for a £5 transaction but if their rules are set on patterns rather than on amount this could be the reason.

      I would try to clarify as much as possible with their customer service, which is normally available through live chat for prompt answers.

      remember to stay polite and patient as it normally tends obtain better results than losing your temper.

      best regards

    • thinboyfat
      Joined: 04.06.2013 Posts: 11
      Thankyou for the reply my friend.
      The point of the post was to alert future depositors of the pitfalls these sites pose and how they hide what they do in 'gobbledspook'! Their line is that its in their conditions but I defy anyone to go now to the titan website and cut and paste it here.......I had to go and read it twice more and then get them to highlight it in an email......if you fancy wasting some time try finding it yourself. The part where it says specifically that you cant withdraw your profit until youve cleared the bonus (even if you didnt want it)
      The gaming commision and money laundering are just bogus excuses....... if they wede ghat bothdded by them they would ask for proof of where it came from BEFORE deposit not AFTER? As long as they're earning interest on it they couldn't care less. Beside, what crook launders money five quid at a time?
      These bonuses are nothing of the sort. ...... they are designed to keep idiots throwing good money after bad until they finally work out what the clever ones already knew.....that they're loosing players and all the bonuses they get doesn't compensate them for table rake and bad play! That part is fine but to tell someone they cant take the money theyve won fairly from othef playeds because theyve not cleared a bonus they didnt want, need or ask for and hide it deep in some abiguous claptrap is just dishonest?
      If I told you on your first day at a new job that you were being given a bonus for attending work on time every day but didnt also say at that time that until you had achieved 100% attendance for six weeks you weren't getting any wages at all and that if you left before the six wmeeks you wouldnt get anything at all you would understand his upset, no? Tell me how this is different and convince me theyre not being deliberately missleading because I don't think anyone would initiallh sign up if they made it more obvious?
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,030
      Hey thinboyfat,

      I've provided answers in some of your other similar posts. I've also removed some of your posts as it's not acceptable that you spam a similar message all over our forum.

      I appreciate that you've had your differences with Titan Poker but where is the merit in posting the same message 5 times over? I would like to warn you that any further spamming from you and we will have to revoke your forum rights for a set period of time.

      I suggest you keep contacting Titan support and work through your issues.

      I will close this thread now.

      Kind regards,