NL10 FR stats

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    • DrDunne
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      hi JC, i don't play FR but i play nl10 as well with nl25 shots and i'm quite happy on nl10.

      imo the stats you posted aren't gunna be that detailed. you should repost it and include your RFI (in HM2 i think its UO PFR), your vs3bet-fold,call and 4bet (not just 4bet range).. maybe some others but i can't think of any more atm :D

      bearing in mind 60k hands isnt exactly a great sample, i think you could open up a little more IP and steal more from CO, BU and SB. that said, i'm just going by your PFR and not your raise first in so it will be different but not hugely different i dont think.

      your overall 3b% seems ok for fullring as far as i can tell. but i would say you could 3bet the most IP rather than from the blinds. obv you wanna be 3betting a fair amount from the blinds vs steals but 3betting IP is gunna be pretty profitable since people will have a hard time OOP. some people also never call 3bets OOP so you can just 3bet them a ton. others call a lot OOP so you can 3bet a little wider for value and put them in tough spots postflop - just remember to take notes on what people do cos this is really villain dependent.

      also your overall cbet% seems on the high side and could be a little lower. don't think it's necessarily a leak but it could be good to just look into your understanding of board textures and just make sure you aren't auto cbetting most flops without a plan. your turn cbet% doesnt seem that bad but can definitely be a little higher i think. it will do your red line wonders if you stop investing as much money only to fold later on i.e. by cbetting without equity/a plan to barrel and by cbetting on bad board textures.. then again, lots of people can cbet ~72% and crush so it really depends on how you pick your spots.

      i'm not too savvy with aggression stats, but to me it seems like you're really shutting down on later streets - especially the river - so i'll go back to cbetting and say it looks like you're cbetting in some bad situations and playing a bit too 1-and-done... your turn Agg% isn't too bad but the river % suggests you might not be value betting thin enough.... i think.

      your WTSD seems quite high but it could just be a sample thing... generally you wanna be ~23 (i think that seems like a decent %) - and couple that with your river calling it seems like you may be bluffcatching in bad spots (i kinda had a similar problem)... but thats just a guess!

      overall nothing REALLY stands out (to me anyway)... which suggests that you're probably playing pretty solid. could be more of a quality issue in which case it probably won't show too well in your stats. for example 3bet/4bet hand selection, cbetting/barrel quality, bluffing in bad spots etc etc. i hope i havent just made up and spewed a bunch of stuff to you lol! thats just what i see from your stats and i could be pretty wrong so it will be interesting to see some other responses. hope it gives you some stuff to think about anyways.