• informant00
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      After about 2-3 years casual play, time to get serious! See you all around.

      Edit: My interest is mainly Sit n Go.
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    • DrDunne
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      Hi informant, and welcome to pokerstrategy!

      Be sure to check out the SnG strategy articles!

      I also see you are basic status. Have you taken a look at our partner rooms? If you sign up to one of these through pokerstrategy you will begin earning strategy points and gain a higher status. With a higher status you will have access to much much more strategy content.

      Alternatively, you can buy a higher status from the points store :)

      I hope you can find some interesting strategy to study. I'm sure you'll improve your game a lot with the information on this website. gl at the tables!

    • informant00
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      Thank you for the welcome message.

      I'm already signed up to a few poker sites, I'm looking to get cozy there while I build up my knowledge on SnG strategies, and of course a bankroll.

      My aim by the end of the year is to build a solid high foundation/intermediate level of the game, and spend time analysing my games through this forum.

      When I build big enough bankroll - I'll sign up to one of the partners most likely.

      If anyone is in a similar boat, happy to share tips, study partner etc.
    • gadget51
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      Hello informant00,

      In that case may I suggest you use these forums a LOT! Use them for every hand that made you think; 'hmmmm...' or made you hesitate before you made your move. Teh different limits are at the top, just clickk the one closest to your playing level.


      And ask questions, always ask questions, there will be somene who knows, they're a bright and helpful bunch on here. :heart:

      Also, in case you are new to posting hands, here is an overview of how to do it. It says it's for no limit but the technique is the same.

      How to post a hand for discussion

      Most importantly, just make sure to have fun, :)

    • Lazza61
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      Hey informant,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy. :D

      What type of SnG's are you interested in?

      I generally play $1 45man SnGs on PokerStars
    • informant00
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      Thank you for the welcomes too! Looks like I have plenty to read up on, thanks I will take a look and look forward to some analysis requests from me very soon!


      Likewise, thanks. Currently I play at low stakes 6 player SitnGo at £2, I did play at £5 for a while, and was winning games, but my human side got in the way, and I've since cut back to $2 which suits my bankroll management, and gives me room to develop more.

      I wouldn't mind testing 45 player SnGs, but I don't have the time at the moment. I was on PokerStars too for a while and will return to it, but i'm in 'education mode' for the rest of the year and sticking to Sky Poker (occasionally 888 on the iPad)