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Newbie with some questions

    • MackPDaddy
      Joined: 24.08.2008 Posts: 41
      Hi guys I'm Mack I've been playing online for about a year now and up until a couple of days ago exclusively on Pacific, were I've had a measure of success coming second in a freeroll earning $16 from there I moved to low level SnG's and MTT's. Also trying my hand at there double of nothing SnG's which I had a lot of fun playing with about an 70% win rate (winning s fun!) but like many newbies I made the mistake of moving up too early combined with poor bankroll management costing me heavily, after this I was back to playing freerolls and struggling to get back to the money tables and in search of ways to improve my game I found Pokerstrategy and thank god I did, I feel my game has improved already and improving with each of the articles I'm reading.
      I've joined several providers now and had some success at the freeroll tables and today received my starting capital and bronze status, after reading some of the new articles I tried my hand at the SnG $1, 9 players table and can happily report I won, following the guidelines closely and adjusting against players I had made notes on (I'd never mad a not on a player before today)
      So a big thank you to Pokerstrategy and I look forward to soaking up as much information as you can provide.

      Now for my questions,

      I,m not 100% on how you earn points to move up from bronze to silver?

      I've downloaded Elephant but I cant use it, tells me database connection was lost everytime I try?

      I've tuned in to the coaching but it seems to just hang?

      Thanks in advance
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    • LuborC
      Joined: 20.04.2008 Posts: 1,243
      Hi MackPDaddy,

      nice to see that you realised the importance of a good bankroll management! This is one of the most important things to learn when you're starting to play more seriously..

      To answer your other questions:
      You earn strategy points simply by playing with your starting capital. When you reach 100 strategy points you will get promoted to silver status.

      With the Elephant I'm not quite sure. I think I had a similar issue, though. It was caused by postgeSQL not the Elephant itself. You might want to try to reinstall postgeSQL and write down the passwords you choose while doing so. You need to enter these passwords somewhere when you run Elephant the first time.
      You might be experiencing a totally different problem, though. In this case you might want to post this in a separate thread in the appropriate section of the forum..

      I don't know what the problem with the coaching exactly is. Just make sure that you have the required status for given coaching and it should work. If it doesn't just close the window and try tunning in again or using different internet browser. Even though I think that it should run just fine in all of the common internet browsers...

      Anyways, have fun playing and don't forget to also watch the videos as they are excellent learning tool!!!
    • MackPDaddy
      Joined: 24.08.2008 Posts: 41
      Thanks Lubor,
      I will reinstall Elephant, when I started it the postgeSQL thing popped up and not knowing what it was I cancelled it, and I'll try IE to run the coaching as thinking about it I have had some problems with links since upgrading the latest version of Firefox.
      Again thanks for the help