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    • Michailewic
      Joined: 28.04.2008 Posts: 1,418
      I like people who minraise their AA or KK. Especially, if I am BB which gives me very good implied odds with many hands :) And if someone is sure that villain minraised with AA (or KK), I would say it is a crime not to call with many hands when BB :)

      You must always bet or raise your KK (unless you are pretty sure villain has AA) properly. Minraise with KK or AA always deserves to be punished!
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    • redskwerl
      Joined: 03.03.2008 Posts: 3,812
      obviously if you know (for sure) that your opponent only minraises AA or KK then implied odds allow you to call with any two cards basically, except if you are like 20BB deep