Is there a program where you can enter stuff like stack sizes, position, hole cards, payouts etc. to analyse push/fold spots.


Input push/calling ranges using a similar slider and click button interface as Equilab/Flopzilla

I am pretty sure SnG wizard probably does something like this, but I remember disliking the interface and not wanting to use it when I trialled it. I am mainly a cash game player but I play several tournaments a week on the side, and if I'm gonna pay for a tournament software I want to love to use it otherwise I will probably be unmotived to do so because my tourney volume is so low.

ICMIZER looks like basically exactly what I'm looking for, and if it was a one-off purchase, I'd probably get it but I don't currently play enough tourneys or high enough stakes where it is worth it to pay monthly installments to use a software.