im new player

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      Hello ALX6661 and welcome to the community!

      Have you tried the quiz yet to get the free poker bankroll money? Heeis the information about our free poker money offers and the quiz:

      You said you are new and are on Poker Stars, did you register through and follow the instructions to have your account tracked by us?
      Here is the link to our partner rooms:

      However, if you decide to deposit your own money instead, you can also upgrade your status by purchasing points in our points shop, the link is here:

      Upgrading your status allows access to more content for learning poker.

      Finally, clicking the link at the bottom of this post [ The big green one! :D ] takes you to the information about our beginner course, highly recommended and totally free to join.
      You come and go as you like and can ask our friendly professionals all sorts of questions about poker.

      Let me know if you need anything else just ask, ok?

      Regards and have fun,

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      Welcome ALX6661,

      I think Mal's brilliant post covers everything! Welcome to and let us know if we can be of any help :)

      Best regards,