Some 24h software questions

    • nooni2k
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      Just deposited a small amount on 24h to test the software. I have some questions about some of the functionality:

      1) Filters - these don't seem to work. I ticked the boxes to display only Regular, Bad Beat and Turbo tables because I don't want to see the Anonymous tables. Yet the first 20 tables on the list are still Anonymous tables. Why don't the filters work?

      2) Am I correct in saying there are no waiting lists for tables? Do I seriously have to sit with one eye on the lobby waiting for a table to go from 6/6 players to 5/6 players and quickly join it, before anyone else?

      3) My PT4 HUDs keep displaying in the wrong place i.e. not next to the correct players. Even if I drag and arrange them properly, and click "Save layout" in the PT4 menu, they will still be in the wrong place next time I load another table or restart the 24h software. This basically makes the software unusable.

      Hopefully someone can answer these for me in the very near future. I'm finding the software unplayable at the moment due to these issues.

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    • metza
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      1 The filters do work, but from memory I think they don't have an option to filter out anon tables.

      2 Unfortunately, yes

      3 In PT4 Options, go to Microgaming and then set your preferred seat. I think you also will need to select a "preferred seat" setting in the 24h client. HUD on anon tables is a whole other story, which is why I no longer play there.
    • nooni2k
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      Thanks for your reply metza.

      The filters do actually list anonymous tables next to a check box, so the natural assumption would be that if you leave it unchecked, then they won't show up. This doesn't appear to be the case. Not a deal breaker, but annoying

      I will try your PT4 advice, thanks!
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      Thank you metza!