[NL2-NL10] Fr Nl20 Kk

    • AussieIan
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      Blinds 0.10/0.20
      Cutoff pays BB

      Hero is UTG with Ks Kd
      1 Fold
      UTG+2 calls 0.80
      MP1 calls 0.80
      1 Fold
      MP3 calls 0.80
      1 Fold
      BU calls 0.80
      SB calls 0.70
      BB Folds

      Pot is 5.20

      Flop 7h 6d Qd

      1 Check
      Hero all-in for 3.91
      UTG+2 calls 3.91
      MP1 calls 3.91
      MP3 Fold
      BU all in for 16.90
      SB fold
      UTG+2 all in 24.22
      MP1 calls 24.22

      Turn 6s

      River Ad

      UTG+2 shows Ah Qc
      MP1 shows 10d 5d
      BU show 6c 7c

      I didn't notice the BB from CO, so i know i should have raised 5BB, but i dont think that would have made a difference...anything else to be done different, or is this one of those things that just happens?
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