milestone hand list?

    • qnb07
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      is there somewhere where all the milestone hands are listed?
      ie what stake/table size/ hand ???
      reason im asking is that last few days it always seems to hit on a 6max table.
      and i must have played for 2+ hours last 4 days so must have seen quite a few milestones...
      im multitabling fr at the moment but was considering switching to 6max for the promo. although i probably couldnt play as many tables then.
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    • ikkvr
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      It is coming on all tables nl2-n100 fr u can watch the tables when it hits on any tables it is shown in the client in the news corner :)

      and every1 is playing too much for this doesnt mean we all will get them :) I myself played 2k+ hands nl2-nl5 7-8 tables and yesterday on a table had a reg who was playing 28 yes 28 nl5 tables but he dint get any for around 3 hours we spent on the table
    • pokerferrer
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      Hey, there is a topic in the russin ps forum:
      You probably will not understand it completely but it is easy to find out required info.
    • martinstids
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      Its pretty hard to hit milletone hand becouse PS deal like 1k hand in 3 seconds. its ~100-50% of player total hands in one day.. If u play like 1k hand per hour u have only small, small chance. If my calculations are right it ~ 1/1000-2000 chance. Same chance to win big MTT at PS :)
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      Hey guys,

      I'm sure if you sent an e-mail to PokerStars support then they would give you a list of the milestone hands as well :)

      Best regards,
    • qnb07
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      thx ill try and translate the russian one. does seem like 6max is more often though. just had a session where 2 hands hit on same stake and tablesize i play and i wasnt in either... :(