Fifthynaire to Trillionaire by SNG/MTT

    • fred1509
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      Hi all,

      This is Fredo from Macau and I'm gonna be 27 this year.
      My goal is to build a big big bankroll and play poker for living.
      I use to be a winning player at 45s, but i stopped played 2 years ago due to a 2nd job(part-time) to pay up the mortgage. I just got a big promotion from my main job and could finally pursue my dream again.

      One thing that I suck the most is that I’m too lazy to play, I like reading articles/ forums/ watching videos/ more than playing. Hopeful this threat will keep me motivated.
      I work as a I.T specialist for Venetian Resort Macau for 9:30 hours a day, 5 days a week and I have a big Family [GF(Getting married this month on 25th); Bulldog; 2xCats; Fishes].

      Enough with the boring stuff, and starts with my goals:
      Current BankRoll: $67.53 on PS and $97.27 on FT.
      Currently playing $1.5 9mans but would love to climb up to $3 or higher.
      Just ordered 3 books (PTF1; Moshman; and PhilShaw) from Amazon and the estimated delivery is on 16 July (CANT WAIT)
      One of the goals is to finish reading it, understanding all 3 of them and able to apply them ASAP.

      Will be following 100 buy-ins rule.

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    • legand73
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      Hi fred1509

      welcome to our blogging section. It's good that you've come back to the world of poker. It's interesting that you find reading articles/ forums/ watching videos/ more enjoyable than actually playing, personally after i do these things i get itchy to try all the new things i learn on the tables. Anyway good luck with building that bankroll.