totally confused

    • Butt3rs
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      sry if this is in a wrong section, but HOW THE **** do u guys win with sss? did i miss something? am i totally unlucky?
      i have played nl10 for about 1.5 weeks now. and as everybody recommends sss i have strictly followed the hands chart and bet as supposed.
      i have the hands chart opened, playing the hands as said there and still i have lost already 6 buyins today....

      i mean, i must fold atleast 15 hands until i get 1 playable and even then i usually fold it because the chart tells to fold it after 2 raises. that means i have to pay the blinds like 3 times before i have a chance to win a pot.
      i have only seen AA ,KK and AK about 10 times in the last 200-300 hands.

      AND when i do raise 4BB with a playable hand as supposed then everybody folds and i win 0.15$ from the blinds while other ppl in the same table fight over pots like 1.5$ or more.

      another thing. i know that i should have always over 15bb and leave table when over 25bb. But when i do have 15bb or less,what am i supposed to do then :rebuy or change table?

      English isnt my main language so forgive me the possible grammar mistakes.
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    • cojonel
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      you should rebuy .....dont be afraid aabout your lose.....hmm .....i played around 4 hours yesterday and all did it was to take profit from the rake =) ) i was going about 4 buys profit i lost 5 then aggain and again! in some hands u need to improve your mouvements acomodation with your oponents! i saw many fishes at that limit and i m happy! after u have 2-3 buyns on + u have to take a break ;) i think u were unlucky today but try not beeing tilted because u will lose a lot !

      finaly today after 2 hours aroung 500hands i was up with 6 buyins ! 1 buy=2$ ! and i took my first 5 $ bonus while i was playing on fulltilt :D

      stai chill and continue playing with that strategies and u ll be fine ! trust me ;)

      regards, cojonel
    • fun101rockets
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      try BSS and Sit and Gos
      I quit SSS a few days after I started playing
    • batmanbg
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      Butt3rs, in which poker platform you play?
    • RockEye
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      I am having similar problems with SSS. Actually i was losing when played strictly by the SSS rules, if i didn't make an occasional blind steal and maybe adjust to very tight table and bet even with hands not listed in the SSS starting hands chart. I've made 20$ in 3 hrs at Full tilt when i played extra agressively at very tight table.
      I found out that Full tilt 1$ single table SNG's have very fishy and tight players, so i pushed them around like a joke.

      Same strategy at Titan poker doesn't work (funny), i guess different type of players, more calling stations and more maniacs.

      But if you want to slowly progress and build your bankroll safely SSS and occasional SNG is a way to go.
      Less money you have the tighter game you have to play.

      Good luck.