Think twice before depositing there

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      I'm usually quiet about this kind of things and don't comment on things which don't concern me. In this case I will make an exception.

      Think at least two times before depositing there. I got some $ a while ago and been grinding for few months. After depositing they locked my account from security reasons. I sent them all the documents and didn't get any response in a week...two. I did get fdb but couldn't play there for another 3 weeks. It was just painful.

      After they finally approved it I cleared max bonus I could and wanted to withdraw everything out. How long do you think I have been waiting for withdrawal? A week? More? 10 days? I didn't get any response in 2 weeks! They don't have live support so only way to contact them is through mail. And they obviously don't open mail every week, probably they set themselves 2 days in the month to answer you.

      I've been going back and forth (no document needed!) for quite a long period of time. After that I finally found a mail from guy who can help you - (he's also a part of coral support I guess, I don't have gala account). This guy answered me immediately and unlocked my account in a day. Also helped me with withdrawal. In the end I got everything out so after frustrating experience at least it ended the best way possible.

      If you deposited there - good luck and be patient.

      If you haven't yet...think about it. It can be pretty frustrating experience.

      I'm aware it's part of Pokerstrategy now but that doesn't necessary mean they are good. I'm sincerely hoping Coral will improve it's support service.

      Good luck to everyone.
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