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when to move up

    • scar13567
      Joined: 03.01.2008 Posts: 57
      hey guys, im grinding away at 13$ nlhe 6-max sngs. My question is when i should increase my amount of tables. should i increase my limit first, or tables? I am currently playing 4 at a time, and treat each 4 as their own session. Should i begin opening one as i bust out of one?
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    • miskokvo
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 1,502
      i think it depends of some factors like:

      does your poker room has time button?
      with stage you are at other tables?
      what happen to your BR when u loose 3-4 sessions on row?
      do you feel comfortable to make right moves?
      do you making profit in long run playing more tables? playing on mansion starting with 2,4,6 and now 8tables sng sessions...there is no time button so sometimes is pretty hard to betting or calling because lack of time

      2.when u are in later stage game is more faster then in ealry stage... sometimes im very glad if i can close 2 tables when im busted out :D coz in other tables i having prety nice stacks so i can play my best to win 1place and make more money if i have averega stack on all 8tables in midl stage.

      3. i cant say anything about thath

      4. when u are grinding in more tables for example 6-8 you must fell comfortable and relaxed... if u loose with bad beat in one table this CANT have efect on other 5 tables.

      5.generaly playing more tables in sng making more money but before u start playing use some mathematical thinking...

      for example im playin 5,5$ sng ... i was starting at 2 tables session ... with 23% of ROI my profit at one session is 11$x0,23= 2,5$ (one session=maybe one hour) so your profit in one hour is 2,5$ at long run

      4 tables with 21% roi = 22$x0,21=4,3$ per hour(session)
      6 tables with 20% roi = 34x0,20=6,8$
      8 tables with 18% roi = 44x0,19= 8,4$..

      my ROI of 11$ SNG is is about 8% in sesion of 4
      4 tables with 8% roi= 44x0,08=3,9$ ...

      so conclusion is thath playing lower stakes make me more money ... calculate your stats and decide what is better
    • miskokvo
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 1,502
      and i forgotten one think

      rakeback... mansion doesnt have it so no my clue but if you are playing on rooms like fulltilt calculate with rake ..for expl

      4x11$sng= 4$ of rake (rakeback 27%) so plus 1$ from rake

      conclusion : 4 tables with 8% roi 44x0,08=3,9$+1$rakeback= 4,9$ (11$sng)
      4 tables with 21% roi = 22$x0,21=4,3$ (without rake)

      4,9$>4,3$ so playing 4x11$ with rake is more profitable

      if i was playing on fulltilt my stat were ((must be same ROI))

      8 tables with 18% roi = 44x0,19= 8,4$+1$rakeback = 9,4$

      but im not thinking plaing on fulltilt coz i think there are better players than at mansion.

      but i like to have fultilt wears so it frustraiting me :D :D :P