Hand importing from PokerStars to Elephant

    • Mattiasgg
      Joined: 12.08.2008 Posts: 6
      Hi Pokerstrategy

      After alot of trouble, I found out how to auto import, import and save handhistory from pokerstars.

      Now when I import the handhistories that are saved by pokerstars, nothing happends when I do it to elephant.

      Nothing simply happens.

      I tried nearly everything, but nothing seems to work. Anyone have had the same problem, and solved it? Because I really wished it worked, and I tried my best, but nothing yet..

      If you need any more information before you can help me, please let me know.
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    • Flintrino
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      I had this problem when I first tried this software, I just closed Elephant while I wasn't playing poker, then added the folder where the HH are saved and clicked 'start import'.

      Hope this helps