PKR deposit for Chinese residents

    • Endymion
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      PKR is open to Chinese residents, I created an account successfully, but I was not able to deposit yet.

      PKR does not accept credit cards. I asked the support once who told me to use an e-wallet. I created an account at Skrill but Skrill does not transfer funds to gambling and Poker websites for Chinese residents.

      I asked the support what else I could do and after a week they had still not replied so I used their live support chat. The representative told me I could use Neteller, but Neteller does not even accept account creation for Chinese residents.

      I know that there are numerous Chinese players on PKR who obviously were able to deposit successfully and I am baffled that the support has no clue of how those deposits came from...

      Any idea ? I'm sure I could get more help on the Chinese forum, unfortunately my written Chinese is pretty poor.

      Thanks in advance,
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