Opponent is 3-Betting Wide?

    • maythany
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      I'm just wondering if there is a way to play back against an opponent who is 3-betting wide (all-in)?

      I was getting 3-bet wide by this person during the end game of a 6 max SNG tournament ($1.50) and I didn't really know what to do.

      during HU we only have 10-15 BB effective stacks so there's not much maneuvering I can do.

      I was thinking of just pushing pre-flop, or just folding but I don't like folding every crappy hand I get. Then there's min-raising with my strong hands just like I do with weak ones and calling a 3-bet with all-in. That would be a way to exploit him.

      Any other ideas?


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    • kurrkabin
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      Many things you can do! First off, just narrow your raising range, but expand your raise/calling range. If you know what I mean.

      HEADS UP:
      F.e. If villain is 3betting a lot, say 40-50% of hands with 15bb eff. but hardly ever flat, then I would just r/c any Ax, any suited Kx f.e. In fact, you can go much looser than that. Where as against a loose passive fish who likes to flat a lot OOP and see flop, I would just ship the low pairs and rag Aces, but raise hands that have better playability postflop, such as JTs or A8+

      Also, what you can do for say-15-20bb is to implement a limping range vs such a wide 3-bettor. Hands that you can't raise/call profitably, but play well post, such as J7s f.e. or 9To. Even if he 3x-es your limp, just flat IP with a playable hand. So you can raise your bluff range(reduced due to his high 3bet) + your top range(extended due to the same reason-e.g. KTo or K8s is gonna be a value raise/call for 16-17bb) and limp the middling hands. If he starts pushing over your limps, then just start limping your strong range :)

      IN GAME:
      When there are 3+ players, it becomes much more tricky due to the icm tax, stack set up, you can't ignore those facts, so I can't really say what to do as there are so many possible scenarios. What you can do is post hands in our evaluation forums, which is definitely gonna help you a lot. But to give you an example, say we are 5 handed and you are sitting in the BTN with 13bb eff. and BB is that wide 3betting guy. I will push 22-33. And raise/call 44+. 44 is gonna be the cut off pair, but 55+ is definitely better to be induced vs such an aggro guy than just ship it for 13bb. KQs-same thing, by shoving f.e. you don't give him the chance to re-steal all these worse broadway hands such as QT, JT, KT, KJ that you crush, not to mention all the other Q8s, Q9s, suited Kx etc.

      Hope that helps.